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Marriage Counseling In Sacramento

An estimated two-third of couples in marital counseling will end up divorced, according to Michele Weiner-Davis, author of Divorce Busting. Many therapists find that one partner has already "given up."

Couples-or one party-may avoid discussing differences and voicing opinions if they feel threatened by possible disagreement or loss. Individuals may grow discouraged, acquire a protective detachment, and lose motivation to try.

When people date, the emphasis is to please the other, make a favorable impression, and conceal one's own shortcomings. Partners should take note when they see certain behaviors or values which cause alarm. If one partner resists discussing those differences, the rebuffed partner may postpone talking or begins to rationalize that the problems will change. The focus shifts back to the virtues of the relationship and other attractions, ignoring the problems.

Thorny issues that need to be discussed before a commitment include: whether or not to have children; religious practices; professional goals. Often, subtle but substantive issues are overshadowed by the command performance of dating. Couples should resolve these differences before a commitment. Periodic discussions are needed after marriage, too. If you are facing disagreements, consider these points:

How to Get Help...

Since opening in 1997, Cross Creek Family Counseling has provided counseling to couples, individuals, children, and families; specializing in recovery from abuse, trauma and crime.

The therapists at Cross Creek Marriage Counseling use a variety of approaches to assist their clients in reaching their goals. These include cognitive therapy, psychodynamic and object relations theories, family systems, communication, hypnosis, ego state, art, sandtray and play therapy, and group sessions.

In 1998, the directors of Cross Creek Internet Counseling created a nonprofit agency to serve at-risk children and their families. This much needed agency serves a diverse population affected by economic difficulties, communication problems, violence and abuse.

In 2000, the Internet began to provide another means of offering marriage counseling. First, as a means to stay in touch with existing clients who had moved from the area. And now, as a means of offering counseling services to people, who for a variety of reasons, have found the Internet offers them an opportunity to engage in a therapeutic relationship.

Their 4,000 square feet of offices is filled with a highly trained staff of committed licensed therapists, interns and graduate students. They can provide an rewarding and safe opportunity for you to regain control of your life, recover from past adversity and move forward.